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Our Partner

HUB Consultants are proud to be partnering with Stacy Gershberg from "The People Element" you can read about Stacy below.

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My Story

Being involved in Human Resources for the past 20 years, I have worked across a broad portfolio of positions, including General Manager level. In addition to my vast experience in Human Resources, I have worked as Senior Operations Manager, allowing me the unique opportunity to understand all aspects of business management. I believe that people are the point of difference for every business and that one approach does not fit every employer. It is my passion and dedication to working with you to develop systems that will give you the edge to becoming an employer of choice.

Financial sustainability and growth are what every business strives for, but minimising risk is also vital to success. With my background in social and psychology, I have a deep understanding of your best asset, your people.

To provide businesses with the best outcome, the best place to start your journey is with a complete assessment of your current Human Resource arrangements. This assessment can allow any gaps to be highlighted and practical solutions developed to ensure the very best outcomes for your business.

My areas of expertise and support include

  • Recruitment Performance management and development

  • Policies Training Conflict resolution

  • HR data analytics Staff wellbeing

  • Internal communication

  • Retention strategies

  • Strategy Investigations Leadership coaching.

I can also help you build an employee experience that will ensure you get the best talent and keep them. It will have all the elements of the employee journey. My approach is simple, ensures legal compliance and gives you great retention and return on investment. And if an employee does leave at some point, they become your brand ambassador!

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