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HUB Consultants is far more than a consulting business, we are passionate about our clients and our value for money. 

The last few years have presented every business owner with challenges we have never seen before. During this period we have stood shoulder to shoulder with our clients to ensure that they remained compliant, functionally and business ready to prosper long into the future.

Our team have a combined 35 years of experience in every aspect of business management, compliance and associated outcomes.

Steven Sams - Managing Consultant

HUB Consultants Managing Consultant Steven Sams is a passionate advocate for Workplace safety. A workplace injury several years ago, focused Steve on ensuring that all businesses took safety seriously. He has worked across a variety industries, including the civil contracting, quarrying and mining industries.

Steve identified the close relationship between safety and Human Resources and added our H.R service in early 2022. This addition provides our clients with a full one stop compliance shop.

In addition to these services Steve has developed a strong interest in the relationships between people in the workplace and has done extensive study in this area,

Nola Sams - Managing Partner

HUB Consultants Managing Consultant Nola Sams leads our workplace wellness and psychological management services. Nola has worked in the allied health industry for over 25 years and has owned and operated her own consultancy business in the health industry for 18 of those years. Her skill set and work ethic, coupled with her enormous passion for health workplaces provide or clients with amazing outcomes.

Keira Scully -  Administration and Support


Keira brings a warm, sunny personality to her role with HUB Consultants. Her experience includes leadership roles within retail and hospitality and keeps our clients up to date with any changes to operations or scheduling.

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